The Project

LIFE SIAMEC project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using a novel Integrated System of anaerobic Methanogenic reactor and Membrane bioreactor (SIAM) for the removal of organic matter and nitrogen from wastewaters at ambient temperature while producing an effluent suitable for reuse and minimizing energy consumption and GHGs emissions.

Focusing on both, the EIP water organization objectives and the drawbacks of CAS system, Cetaqua Galicia detected a recess of research to not only to diminish the energy consumption related with the wastewater cleaning but also to obtain profit of the resources included in the wastewater. Obtaining profitable energy, diminishing the sludge related costs production and reclaiming water is possible with SIAM technology. It has been developed and validated at pilot scale for the treatment of synthetic dairy and municipal wastewaters by the group of environmental engineering and bioprocesses of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) through more than five years of research, reflected in several international publications and patents. During this research, the system was operated at room temperatures above 16 °C, more representatives of Mediterranean climates, showing promising results.

The project aims at validating
at demonstrative scale a newly technology
based on anaerobic digestion of municipal/industrial
wastewater at ambient temperature.
This system was proposed to sustainable
obtain bio-energy and reusable water
by treating wastewater at ambient temperature
and low operational costs”

The ambition of the project is to cover municipal wastewaters due to the higher reuse potential possibilities for irrigation purposes in water scarce regions of the EU. Nevertheless, water scarcity is a problem that should be faced from every single angle and, in this sense, LIFE SIAMEC project team is convinced that this technology will serve also to the treatment of some low-strength industrial wastewaters, especially proceeding from the food and beverage sector (i.e. dairy wastewater).

Thus, LIFE SIAMEC project demonstration character is mainly focused in two different vectors:

  • Municipal / Industrial Wastewater
  • Mediterranean / Atlantic Climate

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